Top 10 Reasons Why You Might Not Be Enjoying Sex

Sex is the most intimate and enjoyable feeling for both a man and a woman. There is nothing that a steamy session of intense love making can’t take your mind off of.

People love to get down to business so much, there are new innovations and new methodologies evolving even now. While there might have been a shift in focus from reproduction to pleasure, sex is still the same.

However, not every man or woman is blessed with the same feelings of pleasure. Many people in their mid thirties or some even in their twenties feel like they aren’t getting the most out of it. They feel like they aren’t enjoying it like before at all. There are also many for whom sex has just become something they are supposed to do.

Today we bring you Top Ten Reasons Why You Might Not Be Enjoying Sex:

1. Libido Problems


This is one of the most common problems faced by people. An active libido is always required for you to get into the mood. If you are having libido problems, chances are you might not be looking forward to sex and might even look towards avoiding it.

2. Passive Partner

Flickr/ giant mice kill rabbits
Flickr/ giant mice kill rabbits

Sex requires an active participation of all the parties involved. You cannot just expect any one of them to do all the work. And if something like that is happening, chances are the active partner would soon lose all the interest and this would become dull for both of them.

3. Depression

Broken Depression

One of the most important things that can kill the sex for you. Depression is an instant mood killer. If you have been feeling low all the time, it might not change when you get into the bedroom. It is also a cause for low libido. People many a time also visit an escort when they are depressed.

4. Lack Of Foreplay

no foreplay

Foreplay is important. Very very important. You need to have ample foreplay for both the man and the woman to get into the mood. If you don’t, either one of you or both may not enjoy sex the way you are supposed to.

5. Less Lubrication

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It is a direct consequence of less or no foreplay. Many a time this can also be linked to medical conditions. You need to have enough foreplay to lubricate your partner so that penetration can be easy and pleasurable.

6. Lack Of Sexual Chemistry With Partner

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Many a time we engage in sex just because we have to. We do not feel any chemistry with the partner, and many a time because we do not share a bond. Both these things are very important to make you feel good while you make love.

7. Too Much Stress


Stress can also be a very important mood killer in the bedroom. When you are too stressed about anything, you cannot focus on enjoying what is going on. While your bodies might be together, your mind would be wandering somewhere else.

8. Fatigue


Fatigue is something related to an extremely stressful lifestyle. When you are too tired all the time, you focus more on the sleep and less on the sex.

9. Negative Body Image

Weight Loss Young Woman Worried Weight Diet Scales

This is an often overlooked aspect. If you have a negative body image, you would be more concerned about your body than living in the moment and what is going on. Your insecurities can seriously inhibit the waves of pleasure you are supposed to enjoy.

1o. Lack Of Interest In Partner

Boring sex

Many a time you have zero interest in your partner and yet you engage in intercourse, an example might be of revenge sex or rebound sex. Such encounters can also turn out to be less enjoyable because of the probability of hurting the emotions.
We have put forward to you the ten most important reasons you might not be enjoying sex. We hope you can identify what is causing problems for you, and get it rectified immediately so that you can enjoy sex well too.