Am I Really “CHEATING” On Her?

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I’m a married man and I like to hire escort services occasionally. I don’t know how well you’d take the first line of the blog. For some of you, it is gross and for some of you, it’s interesting. I’m writing this thing down in order to self evaluate my feelings for the relationship I’m in right now. Toronto escorts have some of the most beautiful escorts in the city. These escorts are so fine that even a married man like me can dare to make an exotic sin.

We have been married for 8 years now and I would definitely term them as the 8 fine years of my life. We never fight. We do argue for a couple of thinks here and there but the argument never leads to a fight. I cant say much about love because I’m not sure it that’s there or not.

This is not one of those scenes where the husband doesn’t love his wife or the other way around. I love her as my wife and I’m pretty sure that she does too. There is just no more effort. Our sex life had taken a hit a couple of years ago. We were too tense to talk that we used to sleep without even saying a word to each other. That’s when I realized that there is something wrong between us.

I researched about it for sometime and found that having some sort of sexual activity outside the marriage can actually save the dying relationship. No matter how cruel it seemed on her, I started going out with hired escorts. Not frequently but very occasional. I started lying to my wife and it was eating me through self guilt. I still loved her.

Visiting to Toronto escorts, I started learning new techniques to be used while making out with my wife. The sessions really improved my kissing techniques. Even she has notices a sudden but good change in my sexual desires. I have started flirting with her, teasing her. These activities build up sexual tensions between the two of us and then, we make mad love.

However, the question still remains the same: Am I really ‘cheating’ on her?

I don’t think that I am or have been cheating on her. Whatever I did, I think I did just to save our marriage. After a couple of years, it would have been a decade of married life where the fire is not there. I needed to do something.

I do not know if I should say this aloud or not but I am really thankful to the escorts I have hired during this period. I was a nobody. I really was going through a mid-life crisis. This clearly could have backfired at me.

But I took risk and went beyond the boundaries. Now I have reached at a stage the me and my wife make love everyday. This doesn’t even gets boring with a bit of improvisation every-time. I have even quit hiring escorts now. This is an amazing experience and I’m living it!



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